About us

We are DN Medical + Corporation (Private) Limited.

DN Medical was incorporated in the year 2002 as a medical items importer, promoter, and marketer in Sri Lanka. As the company observed the lack of accurate and highly sensitive rapid test kits in the local market, it mainly focused on rapid medical diagnostics and made its policy to introduce global diagnostics to the local market.

As a result in the year 2006 DN Medical joined hands with Diagnostics Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc. a global leader in diagnostic innovation, located in California and thereafter with US Diagnostics Inc. ,a leading US based company excellently engaged in Diabetes management care, located in New York, in the year 2007. Since then it has been acting as the exclusive local agent for the said two US Principals, introducing rapid diagnostics of very high quality, accuracy, and consistency and marked a significant presence in the local medical field representing these areas.
Presently, the company is involved in importing, promoting, and marketing Rapid Diagnostics and Serology test kits in different categories such as Fertility/Cardiac markers/Infectious diseases / Urine Analysis and Diabetic care products and etc.
It further expanded its wings by entering into sectors of surgical and surgical consumables and also with surgical and KN 95 face masks.
Our main asset has been our good-will for providing high quality, accurate and consistent medical products to the local market with a highly professional, efficient and friendly service.

Our Milestones

Pioneered in introducing a Rapid Test kit to ladies for detection of ovulation at home 24-36 hours before it takes place (LH Ovulation Home/Self-test kit) which immensely helps the ladies who are seeking to get pregnant.

Cardiac Troponin I Rapid Test Kit and introduced many more highly sensitive and accurate Global Diagnostics to the Local Market.

Introduced Control® AST Glucometer to Sri Lanka which has alternate site testing (AST) ability.